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The Legendary Leaders Podcast

Apr 23, 2020


Ryan Hartley hasn’t always had things easy. But, his trials in life have shaped him into a leadership coach with an effective, uniquely heart centered approach.


A former analyst with the Police Service, Ryan changed his outlook on his role as a leader after becoming a father. Reflecting on his own childhood...

Apr 16, 2020


Could a decluttered space be the key to increased wellbeing and productivity?


After building a career around helping others do just that— professional organizer, Rachel Papworth has found the answer to be a resounding yes! Leaning into her natural inclination to tidy and utilizing her background in psychology,...

Apr 9, 2020


Travelling can do so much for us. It opens our sometimes limited lenses, creates opportunity for connection and can help develop who we are as individuals. Today, with most of us stuck in our homes during the COVID-19 pandemic, world traveller Matt Javit joins us to give insights into the kind of growth and...

Apr 2, 2020


Mia O’Gorman is in the business of people. Fulfilled people.


As an Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant, she has spent nearly her entire career empowering leaders. Find out today what steps she had to take in developing herself, before she could fully embrace her passion.


After pouring effort...