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The Legendary Leaders Podcast

Aug 27, 2020


Think of this, taking risky challenges like climbing Mt. Everest to support and empower women and girls. Can you do it? Surviving an earthquake on top of the highest mountain in the world, perhaps? Well, our guest on the show today has gone through all that and went back again to empower even more women.



Aug 20, 2020


What is your success story? We all would tell our success story if given the chance I believe? But referring to a challenging parenting journey as your biggest success is a very unique story indeed.


Dr. Lynette Louise is an international award-winning speaker, entertainer, comedian, author, consultant, brain change...

Aug 13, 2020


What are the qualities of a true leader? Is it the ability to empower people to be the best they can be and not feel like a worker? True leadership is understanding your team members, showing them empathy, and giving them tools to be better, right?


Sara Mosher is a neonatal family-centred care expert...

Aug 6, 2020


How do you define your creativity? Can you take a risk even when you are scared and everyone else is telling you not to? Well, these are questions you need to ask yourself as you get out of your comfort zone.


Robert A. Belle is a transformational speaker, mentor, author, and qualified accountant. He calls himself...