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The Legendary Leaders Podcast

Oct 29, 2020


Are you truly purposefully living in the present right now?


More often you’ll find that entrepreneurs spend so much time creating and chasing success and forget to live in the present and celebrating their current successes. But you have to learn to find your purpose and bridge the boundary to what is stopping...

Oct 22, 2020



Imagine coming home into yourself and going back into the world changed - a better version of yourself, and amplified as your most true and authentic self? Getting away from society’s pressure of who you should be as a woman.


Did you know that the best gift you can give yourself and those you love is by...

Oct 15, 2020


Do you want people to understand what you’re saying and remember you?


Then the story is the answer. Science has proven that people are more inclined to listen and understand information when told as stories. You have to learn to be strategic to know your audience by providing them with interesting information...

Oct 8, 2020


Are you living up to your fullest potential on your own terms?


How are you being resilient without losing yourself?


It is easy to lose yourself while constantly comparing yourself with others in your career or life. But true resilience is not perfection, but rather a very personal journey.


Dr. Taryn Marie...