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The Legendary Leaders Podcast

Mar 28, 2023

Episode 114 – When Less is More with Matthew Lesser

Even if your problems seem to be unique, the truth is that every person deals with the same problems during their lives. Here, to talk about when less is more, is Matthew Lesser.

Matthew is the Founder and CEO of ‘Uniquely Normal’, which serves to equip, train,...

Mar 14, 2023

Even if one door closes, another door will open with countless opportunities. Here, to talk about taking steps forward is Anish Majumdar.

Anish is a career coach and hidden job market expert, helping professionals across the globe take back control and generate high-ticket job offers.

In this Episode 113 of The...

Mar 7, 2023

Science shows that if we find happiness first, we will be more successful. Here, to talk about mindfulness practices in business is Dr Eric Holsapple.

Dr Holsapple is a successful developer, entrepreneur, and author, who helps business professionals transform their businesses and lives through mindfulness practices.