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The Legendary Leaders Podcast

Jul 16, 2020


Breathing is a natural reflex that we normally don’t think about. But did you know that focused breathing has its own immeasurable benefits to both your body and mind?


Dave Florence is the founder of the Evolution of Dave and is an expert in breathing. He has established the art of taking cold showers in the garden to help his body wake up and be energized. He has also mastered the right breathing techniques to help his body and quite his mind.


Dave evolved his life from being a busy career person to be an intentional being who is on a path to enhance his physical and mental wellbeing. He undertook 2 years of research on mental and physical wellbeing and now teaches people how to take care of themselves too through his YouTube channel.


Key Takeaways:

  • How music changes your mood and makes everything a lot better.
  • Learn what to do and not to do with breathwork to avoid hyperventilation.
  • Learning to listen to your body when holding your breath.
  • How to become conscious of the inhale and the exhale.
  • Learning how to make most out of your breathing.


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Episode Timeline:

  • [0:41] Intro
  • [5:21] The importance of gardening as a mindful activity.
  • [5:52] The importance of binaural beats therapy.
  • [8:42] The benefits of developing a habit of focused breathing.
  • [11:23] The contraindications to some of the breathwork.
  • [13:47] The differences between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system and their importance.
  • [19:00] The breathwork to do when your heart rate is high and when you require more energy.
  • [22:59] How to practice becoming better at breathwork even when dealing with anxiety and stress.
  • [30:23] Where to start in your breathing journey to get your brain in a calmer place to go deeper.
  • [34:51] The liberating benefits of the SOMA breaths especially for women.
  • [35:59] Dave demonstrates even exercise breathing.


Standout Quotes:

  • “A lot of breathing techniques especially SOMA will rebalance the levels o CO2 and O2 to an optimum level so you got the right amount going around the body at the right time and you do that by breathing in a certain fashion.”- Dave Florence [9:31]
  • “By exhaling longer than the inhale, you’re going to feel calmer.”- Dave Florence [16:04]
  • “Less breathing creates more health and you can do that by calming your breath.”- Dave Florence [18:28]
  • “Even though you think you’ve blown out all the oxygen from your lungs, you still got a significant amount of oxygen running around your body.”- Dave Florence [23:59]


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About Cathleen: 


As a Thought Leader in the Mindset & (Self-) Leadership space, Cathleen supports high achieving, but worn-out women create a more content & balanced life without sacrificing their hard-earned success. Following a simple 6 step framework, she helps you not only reconnect with your inner feminine side; Cathleen also supports you to rediscover your REAL YOU!

Cathleen focuses on women who lost their sense of purpose, who feel they are running in a hamster wheel, trying to please everyone but themselves. She helps you to turn your careers, your social connections and personal life around so that you will start feeling fulfilled and excited again about the days to come.  

At the end of the process, Cathleen's clients will feel healthier, happier, energised and clear about their future.  

With over 15 years of leadership experience in Retail, Media & Broadcasting, Engineering and Property Investment, Cathleen has not only experienced the challenges and opportunities of a female leader herself, she has also been leading and supporting various leadership development initiatives within large, complex, multinational matrix organisations.


Only by deeply experiencing her very personal life challenges – ‘hitting a wall experiences’ –Cathleen was able to redefine her own purpose, deciding to bring ease and content to as many women as possible on the planet!


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About Dave Florence


An ever-evolving human being, on a path to enhance my physical and mental well-being. After 2 years of research and practice, the methods and protocols that have significantly enhanced my overall physiology, brain health, mental focus, clarity of mind, positive outlook, increased drive and much more, can now be offered to others as 1:1 sessions or Groups.