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The Legendary Leaders Podcast

Mar 14, 2023

Even if one door closes, another door will open with countless opportunities. Here, to talk about taking steps forward is Anish Majumdar.

Anish is a career coach and hidden job market expert, helping professionals across the globe take back control and generate high-ticket job offers.

In this Episode 113 of The Legendary Leaders Podcast, Anish talks about realizing our own value, going where the path leads us and building confidence as a job-seeker. He also shares the power of courage, being an introvert, and the three first steps to take towards change.

Ready to learn how?


Episode Timeline:

[06:34] A bit about Anish.

[09:19] Daring to follow.

[14:36] The journey from actor to career coach.

[26:49] Take a person as they are.

[39:41] Trusting the process.

[43:18] Knowing where you want to go.

[56:48] Building confidence.

[66:08] It takes courage.

[68:18] Being kind to yourself.

[75:08] Introversion.

[84:23] Three steps to take towards change.


Key Takeaways:

  • Can there be only one destination?
  • How to build confidence as a job-seeker.
  • The power of courage.
  • The strength of an introvert.
  • The three steps to take towards change.


Notable Quotes:

“Dare to follow.” – Anish Majumdar [10:07]

“People don’t want to spend all day talking to mirror versions of themselves.” – Anish Majumdar [58:33]

“The real limits of what you can do are not even close to what you think.” – Anish Majumdar [77:04]



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Bio: Anish Majumdar is a Career Coach and expert in the Hidden Job Market. Over the
past 12 years, he has helped thousands of professionals around the world take the reins of their professional destiny and break free of the necessity of “job searching”- permanently.

His webinars, videos and articles have appeared in Fast Company, Business Insider, Glassdoor, and Ivy Exec.

He lives with his wife and three children in Rochester, NY.