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The Legendary Leaders Podcast

Jan 2, 2020

In her first solo podcast episode in the Legendary Leaders series, Cathleen, founder & owner of Cathleen Merkel Coaching & Legendary Leaders – The Podcast & Mastermind, shares her very personal insights into her past. Cathleen covers the breaking point that helped her decide, not only what she really wanted to do in her life, but also how she wanted to be.   

Cathleen begins by sharing her understanding of leadership, highlighting how leadership is very personal and comes from within. Cathleen talks about growing up in a former communist country in East Germany, being raised with a high level of expectation on how she was supposed to be and how she was supposed to live her life, behaving in a certain way to meet others expectations. This understandably caused Cathleen to lose touch with her most inner identity. 

Cathleen shares some great insights into life and how our past shapes our present and how she eventually broke the cycle of remaining stuck. She describes how solo traveling became a part of her healing journey which completely changed her life for the better. 

As we are heading into a New Year and a new decade, Cathleen encourages her listeners to start this year with deliberate and purposeful intent instead of short-lasting New Year’s resolutions.