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The Legendary Leaders Podcast

Mar 7, 2023

Science shows that if we find happiness first, we will be more successful. Here, to talk about mindfulness practices in business is Dr Eric Holsapple.

Dr Holsapple is a successful developer, entrepreneur, and author, who helps business professionals transform their businesses and lives through mindfulness practices.

In this Episode 112 of The Legendary Leaders Podcast, Dr Holsapple talks about how to overcome a lack of motivation, being mindful of our mindfulness, and how hope can change the world. He also shares about his mid-life transformation, dealing with sceptical reactions, getting into the zone, and The Twelve Principles of Mindful Leadership. 

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Episode Timeline: 

[05:55] Is mindfulness woo-woo? 

[07:09] Dr Holsapple’s story. 

[17:31] Dr Holsapple’s entrepreneurial kids. 

[25:40] When you’re struggling with motivation. 

[31:54] Dr Holsapple’s transformation. 

[38:12] Sustainable mindfulness. 

[41:04] The power of hope. 

[52:29] How mindfulness and focus contribute to results. 

[55:36] The first steps to take to focus more. 

[61:08] Profit with Presence. 

[69:38] Great results from being in the zone. 

[76:04] A task for our listeners. 


Key Takeaways: 

  • What does it mean to Live the Gap? 

  • How our thoughts influence everything. 

  • How to overcome struggles with motivation. 

  • Where to start to prioritize focus. 

  • How to show up with presence. 

  • Dr Holsapple’s advice. 


Notable Quotes: 

There’s nothing contrary in business to focus and mindfulness. Dr Holsapple [06:39] 

Profit’s not a purpose.” – Dr Holsapple [26:23] 

There’s nothing more powerful than having a parent that has purpose.” – Dr Holsapple [31:24] 

Paying attention to somebody is the greatest gift you can give them.” – Dr Holsapple [59:09] 

Start small and be consistent.” – Dr Holsapple [77:32] 


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Bio: Dr Eric Holsapple is a successful developer and entrepreneur with LC Real Estate Group, who has used mindfulness to transform his life and business and helps others to do the same. He is also the Founder of Living the Gap and Author of Profit with Presence. 
Dr Holsapple has a PhD in Economics, has been a Real Estate CEO and Developer for nearly 40 years, has lectured in real estate at the Colorado State University for 20 years, and has practiced Yoga and Meditation for 30 years. He has a unique perspective on how merging business and mindfulness can be a catalyst for changing lives. He has won Entrepreneur of the Year awards from Colorado State University and BizWest magazine.