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May 21, 2020


Mollie McGlockin is the founder of Sleep is a Skill, a company that helps people optimize their sleep through a unique blend of technology, accountability, and behavioural change. She sheds light on such topics as circadian rhythms, social jetlag, and the importance of accountability in optimizing sleep.


The seed behind Sleep is a Skill was inadvertently planted after Mollie made the decision to become a digital nomad. Having already had many issues with sleep as a traditional businessperson, she quickly found that bringing her work on the road only increased her stress to the point where she became an insomniac. Mollie, through her own personal experiences, stumbled into discovering that “without sleep, nothing works.” After a long period of study, experimenting, collaboration with experts, and conducting numerous focus groups, Mollie founded Sleep is a Skill.


Mollie overcame her own sleep challenges by paying attention to her circadian rhythm. She encourages us not to underestimate the “ebb and flow” of our mind and body as it passes through each 24-hour cycle per day. It is important to decrease both our activity levels and light exposure as the sun goes down in order to stimulate better melatonin production, since our brains were never evolved to maintain intensity throughout the day, and especially not during the evening.


One of the most important services provided by Sleep is a Skill is an accountability group to help you track your own sleep improvement. This not only helps in motivating you to make some big lifestyle changes, but it makes a dramatic difference in the long run when you monitor your incremental changes day by day.


Key Takeaways:

  • Improving your sleep starts with paying attention to your circadian rhythm.
  • When it comes to adopting new, healthy sleep habits, consistency is key.
  • Accountability is one of the best ways to track your sleep, both in the short and long term.
  • Our quality of sleep cascades into every other area of our health and well-being.


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Episode Timeline:

  • [00:48] Introduction to Mollie McGlockin
  • [03:44] How Molly became an expert on the science of sleep
  • [08:54] Why you should pay attention to your circadian rhythm
  • [13:08] Improving your sleep by being aware of your environment and light exposure
  • [26:31] The power of accountability on sleep optimization
  • [33:20] Common pain points people have with regards to their sleep schedules
  • [39:42] Mollie’s client testimonials
  • [43:00] Alcohol and sleep

Resources Mentioned: Sleep is a Skill

Standout Quotes:

  • “Without sleep, nothing works.”
  • “Sleep is a skill set.”
  • “Consistency is king in sleep.”
  • “Sleep has become this forgotten ally in our wellness quest. I think it should be the number one thing to improve our health and well-being.”


Favourite Quotes by Mollie: 

  • “How you do anything, is how you do anything”
  • “What gets measured, gets managed”


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About Mollie McGlocklin


Mollie is the creator of Sleep Is A Skill, a company that optimizes how people sleep through a unique blend of technology, accountability, and behavioral change. The company was born from “scratching her own itch” after a lifetime of poor sleep habits culminated into a mega-challenging bout of insomnia for months without end. With a background in psychology & human behavior, she went down the rabbit hole to solve her own sleep disturbances without sleeping aids. She became fascinated with chronobiology, and by extension, its practical applications to restore a state of homeostasis not only to her sleep but also to her life as a whole. Knowing the difference between a life with sleep and without, she’s now dedicated her life to sharing the forgotten skill set of sleep.