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The Legendary Leaders Podcast

Oct 5, 2021


Do you have an appetite for your wellbeing, both personally and professionally? As a high-achieving leader, it is important you learn to practice support and mindfulness to stay connected to your wellbeing and be more productive. Are you ready to start showing up as your best self both mentally and emotionally?


In this episode of the Legendary Leaders Podcast, we have Erin Jewell, a Thrive Global Top 10 Coach of 2021, an executive mindset and performance growth coach, international speaker, and a professor of leadership at Villanova University. She has over 20 years of leadership experience in the healthcare sector and Fortune 500 companies. Erin works with people who have a high level of self-awareness and a desire to continue to show up as the best versions of themselves.


Listen in to learn how the pandemic changed the leader-team relationships and how that shifted organizational structures. You will also learn how to engage your team, build trust, and gain productivity by incorporating mindfulness and healthy practices into your life.


Key Takeaways:

  • How to become intentional in self-observation to discern what is yours and what is not.
  • How to ask questions that will help you communicate better as a team leader.
  • How to turn your mistakes into effective leadership.
  • Show up as the best version of yourself as a leader and engage your team by adopting mindful practices into your life.


Episode timeline:

  • [1:13] Intro
  • [4:42] Erin on the Warrior’s Breath technique she does with her clients to help re-energize them.
  • [6:17] How she works with leaders who have an appetite for professional and relatable wellbeing.
  • [7:49] Why Erin was recognized as the Thrive Global Top 10 Coach of 2021.
  • [9:33] How she helps high achieving and high performing leaders better manage their wellbeing.
  • [16:13] How you can become connected to self by practicing gestures of support and wellbeing.
  • [18:01] Erin explains how men and women differ in leadership and how each is influenced by the other.
  • [22:05] The importance of advocating from a place of questioning and not assumption or interrogation.
  • [30:05] Make time to have conversations that allow better communication.
  • [34:07] Why now is a challenging time for leaders as they transition back to the office after the pandemic.
  • [39:27] Erin shares her leadership journey and how her mistakes shaped the leader she is today.
  • [42:44] How she transformed her life through mindful practices and healthy habits.
  • [45:49] She shares the practices she has adopted to ensure her personal wellbeing.



  • “We can all and should all be recognized for our approach in the community for doing the work we do.”- Erin Jewell [8:31]


  • “When we’re less focused on our wellbeing, we disassociate from our emotional and mental state, and when we’re feeling disassociated, our ability to discern what is mine and what is not, becomes very clouded.”- Erin Jewell [16:38]


  • “There’s an opportunity for humans to learn a little bit more about how to advocate for what’s meaningful to them through a place of questioning but not interrogation.”- Erin Jewell [25:41]


  • “To ask some great questions and also practice, put yourself in the other person’s shoes.”- Cathleen Merkel [29:24]


Book Mentioned: Patriarchy Stress Disorder by Valerie Rein



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