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The Legendary Leaders Podcast

Jul 23, 2020


Have you thought of how you can be more productive and effective by practicing mindful leadership? Showing authenticity and compassion to the ones you lead?


Patricia Thompson is an award-winning corporate psychologist, an executive coach, and a speaker. She discovered she wanted to be free and do what she wants five years ago which led her to quit her corporate job and begin her entrepreneurship journey.


She helps leaders see blind spots in their leadership styles and takes them through the journey of mindful leadership which in turn transforms their teams. Listen in to learn how you can become engaged and visible as an introvert at work during team meetings.


Key Takeaways:

  • How to be free and do what your heart desires without fear.
  • Tips for introverts to be more engaged in group settings and not get overlooked.
  • Learning that taking care of yourself means becoming a great leader.
  • The importance of adding mindfulness practices in your daily routine.
  • The power of authenticity and compassion when leading people.

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Episode Timeline:

  • [0:41] Intro
  • [5:53] How she is leading herself with compassion through the pandemic.
  • [7:17] She explains how her desire for freedom led her to entrepreneurship.
  • [10:02] The fears of starting a business and how to overcome them.
  • [14:51] Turning introversion and observing people into a strength and an opportunity.
  • [16:33] How to become visible at work as an introvert.
  • [20:56] How mindfulness helps you become an even better leader.
  • [23:29] Things you can do to practice mindfulness and be more productive.
  • [28:41] Learning to be conscious of creating a work-life balance.
  • [31:44] Helping leaders see their blind spots and take actions towards the light.
  • [34:13] Patricia describes what makes her a legendary leader.
  • [36:01] Why it is more women than men that have the challenge of being perfect in leadership.


Standout Quotes:

  • “Self-care allows you to be more effective on the job.”- Patricia Thompson [20:23]
  • “A lot of us can make decisions in a way that’s reactive or not even being aware of our own biases, whereas if you can take a step back and just observe yourself and observe all the factors that are at play, you can make a decision from a place of being more grounded.”- Patricia Thompson [22:05]
  • “My way isn’t always the best way and just because I learned in a certain way doesn’t mean it’s the best way for other people.”- Cathleen Merkel [26:52]
  • “I found that the more authentic I can be with people the more it gives them an opportunity to be able to be authentic and to grow and realize that you don’t have to be perfect.”- Patricia Thompson [35:03]


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About Cathleen: 


As a Thought Leader in the Mindset & (Self-) Leadership space, Cathleen supports high achieving, but worn-out women create a more content & balanced life without sacrificing their hard-earned success. Following a simple 6 step framework, she helps you not only reconnect with your inner feminine side; Cathleen also supports you to rediscover your REAL YOU!

Cathleen focuses on women who lost their sense of purpose, who feel they are running in a hamster wheel, trying to please everyone but themselves. She helps you to turn your careers, your social connections and personal life around so that you will start feeling fulfilled and excited again about the days to come.  

At the end of the process, Cathleen's clients will feel healthier, happier, energised and clear about their future.  

With over 15 years of leadership experience in Retail, Media & Broadcasting, Engineering and Property Investment, Cathleen has not only experienced the challenges and opportunities of a female leader herself, she has also been leading and supporting various leadership development initiatives within large, complex, multinational matrix organisations.


Only by deeply experiencing her very personal life challenges – ‘hitting a wall experiences’ –Cathleen was able to redefine her own purpose, deciding to bring ease and content to as many women as possible on the planet!


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About Patricia Thompson


Patricia Thompson is an award-winning corporate psychologist, executive coach, and speaker who has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., and many other sites. For almost 15 years, she has advised CEOs and senior leaders to achieve greater success. Five years ago, she left her corporate job to become the founder of Silver Lining Psychology, to teach businesses how to use the science of positive psychology to achieve greater outcomes.  She is also the author of The Consummate Leader: a Holistic Guide to Inspiring Growth in Others…and in Yourself.