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The Legendary Leaders Podcast

Oct 31, 2023

Some may perceive confidence as being the loudest communicator in the room. In today’s episode, Cathleen continues the topic of direct communication, with a focus on building confidence in your communication style.


In Episode 132 of The Legendary Leaders Podcast, Cathleen talks about the nature of confidence, being...

Oct 25, 2023

When thinking about leadership development, few think of the connection between horses and leadership. Here, to talk about the leadership lessons we could learn from horses, is Summer Davies.


In Episode 131 of The Legendary Leaders Podcast, Summer talks about how she got into the leadership space, the truth about...

Oct 10, 2023

When thinking about remote work nowadays, most people’s experiences are with working remotely during the pandemic. Here, to talk about building a successful remote, global company, is Nataly Kelly.


In this Episode 130 of The Legendary Leaders Podcast, Nataly talks about leading remote teams over the years,...

Oct 3, 2023

When we get stuck in a business without passion, it’s time to make a change. Here, to talk about finding joy in entrepreneurship, is Juliette Perkins.


In this Episode 129 of The Legendary Leaders Podcast, Juliette talks about separating ourselves from our businesses, the importance of being intentional, and how...