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The Legendary Leaders Podcast

Mar 14, 2023

Even if one door closes, another door will open with countless opportunities. Here, to talk about taking steps forward is Anish Majumdar.

Anish is a career coach and hidden job market expert, helping professionals across the globe take back control and generate high-ticket job offers.

In this Episode 113 of The...

Mar 7, 2023

Science shows that if we find happiness first, we will be more successful. Here, to talk about mindfulness practices in business is Dr Eric Holsapple.

Dr Holsapple is a successful developer, entrepreneur, and author, who helps business professionals transform their businesses and lives through mindfulness practices.

Feb 28, 2023


Even if you think you don’t have enough time during the day, the accumulation of small routines adds up to have a profound effect. Here, to talk about flow in the modern world is David Florence. 

David Florence is a Speaker, Breath coach, and Founder of Evolution of Dave. 

In this Episode 111 of The...

Feb 14, 2023

Whether having casual chats with friends or formal work meetings, the language we use matters. Here, to shed some light on using inclusive language is Dr Jen O’Ryan. 

Dr O’Ryan is a Consulting Editor, specializing in Inclusion, Diversity & Representation. 

In this Episode 110 of The Legendary Leaders Podcast,

Jan 31, 2023

Whether you’re a Senior Leader or a Leader-to-be, it’s crucial that you know the signs and symptoms of burnout, how to overcome it, and how to prevent yourself from burning out again. Here to share insights on going from burnout to brilliance, is Sima Newell. 

Sima Newell is the Founder of Executive Reflections,...