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The Legendary Leaders Podcast

Mar 12, 2020

Lindsay Preston has been given her fair share of lemons in life. But after reaching her lowest point, she turned those lemons into lemonade.

After having her world turned upside down and having to rebuild it, Lindsay learned what it takes to transform her mind and develop an unwavering resilience. Today, she’s teaching other successful women to do the same with Lindsay E Preston Coaching.

Listen in to hear Lindsay’s story. She shares what she and the other high achieving women she worked with have in common. Find out why, despite the pretty picture the world may see, many of us could be missing out on a fulfilling life because of past trauma and internal roadblocks. Hear what Lindsay is doing to support and build community for women as she shares tips you can start using in your own life, today.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Lindsay Preston overcame struggle to realize her purpose.
  • What many successful women battle with.
  • How you can recognize your own roadblocks and find help.

Episode Timeline:

  • [00:03] Intro
  • [00:42] Meet Lindsay Preston
  • [01:28] The goal-getting and fear facing woman she coaches
  • [02:40] What's holding women back from their goals and dreams?
  • [04:53] A client example
  • [07:00] Lindsay's journey
  • [09:39] Making it through to the other side of pain
  • [11:27] What some high functioning women have in common
  • [13:14] Group support and building a community
  • [14:36] The change that occurs when women realize they aren't alone
  • [15:34] Teaching herself and other women to love themselves
  • [17:02] Cathleen's wakeup call and Lindsay's experience after changing
  • [19:23] Who inspires her the most
  • [21:02] What's next for Lindsay?
  • [21:55] One top tip
  • [23:29] Contacting Lindsay
  • [24:44] Outro