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The Legendary Leaders Podcast

Jan 31, 2023

Whether you’re a Senior Leader or a Leader-to-be, it’s crucial that you know the signs and symptoms of burnout, how to overcome it, and how to prevent yourself from burning out again. Here to share insights on going from burnout to brilliance, is Sima Newell. 

Sima Newell is the Founder of Executive Reflections, where she coaches Senior Leaders from burnout to brilliance, so they can thrive again, both professionally and personally.  

In this Episode 109 of The Legendary Leaders Podcast, Sima shares her personal experience with burnout and workplace harassment as a CIO, how it landed her on medical leave for 7 months, and how she navigated it all.  Sima shares her top tips and strategies for overcoming burnout and workplace harassment, so you can reclaim your space in Leadership. 

Through all the stress and uncertainty, Sima still came out on top. Her story proves that no matter what life throws at you, you can still thrive and feel absolutely brilliant again!  
Ready to learn how? 

Episode Timeline: 
[00:42] Introduction to Sima Newell. 

[09:57] How to better manage your time and energy so you always have enough for hobbies, family, self-care, etc. 

[18:25] Claiming space in your role as a Leader. 

[21:19] Defining complex burnout & how to know you’re burning out. 

[34:42] How Sima overcame burnout and workplace harassment (and how you can, too). 

[57:55] Effectively reducing harassment in the workplace through Leadership culture shifts.  

[1:09:56] How men and women experience burnout differently. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • What is Complex Leadership Burnout and what are the symptoms? 
  • Tips and strategies for overcoming burnout and growing from the experience. 
  • How do I “slow down” as a busy Professional/Leader, with so much on my plate? 
  • The difference between unhealthy perfectionism and having high standards for yourself. 
  • How to set boundaries that prevent burnout and promote a balanced life. 
  • How self-integrity boosts your productivity. 
  • What to do if you are being harassed in the workplace? 
  • How Leaders can reduce and prevent harassment, and toxic workplace cultures. 
  • Sima’s No#1 piece of advice for Leaders and aspiring Leaders. 


Notable Quotes: 

“Time follows energy, so when you replenish your energy, you get a lot more time back, you get that mental space.” – Sima Newell [29:02] 

“If your days were infinitely long, how would you spend them, and how much time would you actually spend on your hobbies? Like, I like gardening, but I would not do 7 days a week, 8 hours a day of gardening.” – Sima Newell [31:37] 

“If you want innovation, you have to allow failure.” – Sima Newell  

Resources Mentioned: 

Set Burnout-Proof Boundaries in 15 Minutes (free resource): 

In Sheep’s Clothing by Dr. George K. Simon Ph.D.:  

Give and Take by Adam Grant:  



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On LinkedIn: 
Bio: Sima Newell is the Founder of Executive Reflections. She coaches Senior Leaders worldwide through burnout so that they can thrive again, professionally AND personally.  

She does this through the lens of Boundaries, Resilience, Identity, Tools and Evolution. Sima developed the BRITE method, after her own Executive burnout from a toxic environment, that led her to ask: How could this happen? 

Her personal vision is of a world with healthy Leadership, fostering connected, innovative, high-performance workplaces. 

Sima holds a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from McGill. Originally from Canada, she now lives in Switzerland with her husband and daughter. 

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