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The Legendary Leaders Podcast

Jan 12, 2021


What do relationships at the workplace mean to you?


Having the opportunity to explore diversity and becoming an even better person through great leadership? It is important to exercise great leadership within an organization where everyone feels included and appreciated for the work they do, which encourages them to be great people.


Tony Chatman is a leadership speaker, author, and corporate relationships expert. He has a passion for teaching leaders and teams on how to build emotional and business bridges, tackle tough diversity conversations, and develop communication avenues that allow growth.


He talks about great leadership and the need he saw that prompted him to want to transform the workplace for the better through individual connections.


Listen in to learn how to create better connections virtually by being authentic and magnifying everything you say. You will also learn the power of great leadership in transforming teams for the better.



Key Takeaways:

  • Learn why leadership conversations are more important now than several months ago.
  • Learn to impact others positively by delivering responsible information and listening to them.
  • Learn about the power of great leadership in making people better, loyal, and effective.
  • How the world can be a better place by transforming the workplace through better relationships.



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Episode Timeline:

  • [0:41] Intro
  • [5:57] Tony reveals how virtual trainings have become personal and private for his clients.
  • [7:21] How to connect virtually by magnifying everything you’re saying and speaking from a place of authenticity and experience.
  • [12:15] How Tony learned to delineate the difference between facts and his opinion to impact others positively.
  • [15:40] The importance of listening often, rather than delivering competing monologues.
  • [17:13] Tony defines great leadership vs. mediocre leadership.
  • [22:30] How great leadership transforms individuals to be great.
  • [24:01] He narrates how he shifted from the technical side of chemical engineering to creating connection-based relationships at work.
  • [28:26] The three areas of leadership that Tony focuses on, plus the intangible and tangible leadership changes he sees in the teams he trains.
  • [33:33] How to build an inclusive culture that encourages diversity within an organization.
  • [36:15] Tony talks about his book ‘The Force Multiplier’ and its main components.
  • [43:28] The importance of praising team members for the most work they’re doing than criticizing them for the little they are not doing.


Standout Quotes:

  • “When you give people something meaningful, they connect.”- Tony Chatman [8:03]


  • “Great leadership allows people to be better at what they do and be better people.”-Tony Chatman [18:38]


  • “It’s not a person that you suddenly decide to be because you go to work; you demonstrate leadership if you want to in all areas of your life.”- Cathleen Merkel [21:53]


  • “Really great leadership transforms the individual into being a great person.”- Tony Chatman [23:46]


  • “It should be a part of every individual that you take responsibility for, to get to know the people you work with.”- Cathleen Merkel [33:05]




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Book: The Force Multiplier: How to Lead Teams Where Everyone Wins





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About Cathleen: 

As a Thought Leader in the Mindset & (Self-) Leadership space, Cathleen supports high achieving, but worn-out women create a more content & balanced life without sacrificing their hard-earned success. Following a simple 6 step framework, she helps you not only reconnect with your inner feminine side; Cathleen also supports you to rediscover your REAL YOU!

Cathleen focuses on women who lost their sense of purpose, who feel they are running in a hamster wheel, trying to please everyone but themselves. She helps you to turn your careers, your social connections and personal life around so that you will start feeling fulfilled and excited again about the days to come.  

At the end of the process, Cathleen's clients will feel healthier, happier, energised and clear about their future.  

With over 15 years of leadership experience in Retail, Media & Broadcasting, Engineering and Property Investment, Cathleen has not only experienced the challenges and opportunities of a female leader herself, she has also been leading and supporting various leadership development initiatives within large, complex, multinational matrix organisations.


Only by deeply experiencing her very personal life challenges – ‘hitting a wall experiences’ –Cathleen was able to redefine her own purpose, deciding to bring ease and content to as many women as possible on the planet!



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Tony Chatman


As is a subject matter expert and recognized thought leader in the area of workplace relationships Tony has devoted his adult life to understanding what makes people tick, how to bring out the best in people (including ourselves), and how to pass this information on in simple, yet practical terms. He helps leaders, team members, and people from every background and diversity adopt empowering mindsets and strategies that allow them to adapt, reinvent, and transform the results they produce both personally and professionally.


Whether addressing our hidden biases, helping navigate disruption and change or providing leaders with skills that make them indispensable, Tony provides practical solutions that aligns with people’s real world experiences.


Tony has worked with hundreds of corporations and government agencies including the U.S. Secret Service, The Department of Homeland Security, Chase Bank, Estée Lauder, and N.A.S.A., to help people reach new heights of effectiveness by understanding themselves and others better.


Tony recently completed his first book: The Force Multiplier: How to Lead Teams Where Everyone Wins and in 2018 he delivered his first TEDx talk – How to Stop Settling for Less.